“Akufo-Addo’s participation in politics began in the late 1970s when he joined the People’s Movement for Freedom and Justice, (MFJ) an organization formed to oppose the General Acheampong-led Supreme Military Council’s Union Government proposals. In May 1995, he was among a broad group of elites who formed Alliance for Change, an alliance that organized demonstrations against neo-liberal policies such as the introduction of Value Added Tax and human rights violations of the Rawlings presidency.

The forefront of this demonstration were himself, Abdul Malik Kwaku Baako, Victor Newman, Kwasi Pratt Jnr, Dr. Charles Wreko Brobbey among others. These brave men were joined by about 100,000 other people in a protest named “Kumepreko”. In the 1990s, he formed a civil rights organization called Ghana’s Committee on Human and People’s Rights.”

Today, some bootlicking latter-day supporters of Nana Akufo Addo are telling us that everybody in this great country called Ghana must be quiet and a coward. Kwame A-Plus cannot form TPP or organize demonstrations like Nana did. Nobody has the right to freedom of expression like Nana had. Every businessman must be suppressed. Even owners of big media houses are scared to hear their own voices. Why? Because Otumfoɔ Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo II and the real owners of Ghana are in power.

 I do not fear Nana, I respect him. Nana himself knows that I have so much respect for him. Unfortunately, he is surrounded by stooges who think that to be a respectful person, you must not question or criticize – just keep quiet and chop. If Nana was not allowed to form or join the aforementioned movements and organize demonstrations, would he be where he is today? At the time when he was organizing demonstrations and opposing leaders, was that disrespectful and insulting to the leaders of the day? Was he not friends with Kwesi Prat, Nyaho Tamaklo, and Wreko Brobbey? Haven’t they fallen out? Was he not against Rawlings? Are they not friends today? So why can’t I also decide to be with him or fall out with him? 

All of you who think that Ghana’s history ends with Nana Addo as president are just a bunch of jokers. This country does not belong to you. I repeat, you are jokers!!! Nana at our age was a handful and a thorn in the flesh of General Acheampong and JJ Rawlings. Nobody killed him. We shall disagree, criticize and oppose him when we have to and commend him when he does what is right and he must protect us. If Nana does not expect us to do this, then, in fact, he is not a true democrat and good master. We are Nana’s apprentices and we shall not disappoint him.

Nana is a Movement, agitation and demonstration “junkie.” He loves it. He understands it. He knows the rules. He must support it. He must even be a life patron of TPP.

Source: Kwame A Plus (The People’s Project, TPP.

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