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I Will be Divorced if I TAKE Bribe – Richard Kingston


My wife threatened to divorce me over bribe – Richard Kingson

Richard Kingson has opened about how his wife nearly divorced him – According to him, he was offered $300,000 to help facilitate a win for Czech Republic against Ghana during the 2006 World Cup

The Ex-Black Stars goalkeeper, Richard Kingson, has disclosed how his marriage nearly hitted the rock during the 2006 World Cup in Germany. He said he told his wife and then latter threatened to divorce him if he should betray Ghana for money .

The NOW BLACK STAR technical team member added that his wife threatened to divorce him if he accepts a bribe to influence a match against Ghana during the World Cup in the European country.

According to Kingson, a Ghanaian businessman introduced him to some foreign nationals who offered him a $300,000 bribe. 2006 World Cup,

He said the businessmen offered him the bribe in order to facilitate Czech Republic’s win over Ghana at the 2006 World Cup after Ghana lost 2-0 in their first game against Italy..
With the huge offer, Kingson said he sought the counsel of his wife to make a final move. Which nearly destroyed his marriage

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