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This is crazy, Kojo Antwi’s financial interview could make Ghanaians rich.”

MultiTV’s Joy News show host Gifty Andoh Appiah was harshly criticized for reporting on a new endeavor by Kojo Antwi. Other media outlets are saying that “this could give the Ghanian middle-class way too much financial power”.

Here’s what happened: Gifty Andoh Appiah invited super celebrity Kojo Antwi to do an interview to talk about the crisis point that the rising level of poverty has reached in Ghana.

When asked if he had any message for the government regarding the poverty in the country, Kojo Antwi shocked everyone in the room:

“ I have nothing to say to a government that has been refusing to listen for years. My message is for the people; we’ve reached a crisis point and it’s clear the government won’t help the people drowning in poverty, which is why I’ve taken a leadership role in the launching of a cryptocurrency trading platform to help middle-class Ghanian families generate extra income, as part of a new special economic aid initiative from the country’s top businessmen and economists. Other governments have called it a ‘tremendous financial achievement’ and are planning to do the same. We’re completely overwhelmed by the amount of success we’ve had since we started. Hundreds of Ghanian families have already been able to afford new homes and cars because of our efforts”, said Kojo Antwi to Gifty Andoh Appiah.

Within minutes of his surprising statements, the public relations departments of three major banks responsible for private loans in Ghana had already called to censor the interview, but it was too late; many radio shows across the country had already picked up the story.

A spokesperson for the Central Bank of Ghana, stated that “this type of news is disastrous for the profits of major banks, because banks need the money generated by the interest on all the private and business loans that people are making because of the economic climate. But I admit that Kojo Antwi has done the country a great service by revealing this investment secret. Now hopefully people will start to realize that ordinary citizens can also make millions from the cryptocurrency boom”.

The concept is simple: to give ordinary Ghanian citizens the opportunity to earn money with the current bitcoin boom, even those without experience in investment or technology. According to Kojo Antwi, this project is the most important investment opportunity for the Ghanian middle-class who need low-cost, efficient investment opportunities that don’t involve borrowing money from banks.

When asked why he had chosen to take this opportunity for the Ghanian people, he said: “Ghana is one of the most unequal countries in Africa in terms of disparity between rich and poor. The Ghanian middle-class is the one that needs golden investment opportunities the most, and we have decided to take action on behalf of the people”.

Before going into detail about what Immediate Edge is and how the new platform works, let’s go over some global financial data from the last decade.

The 1% of the richest people in the world currently have 286 billion dollars, enough to give each person in Ghana a 6-figure check of more than USD$100,000 per month for the rest of their lives.

And since huge investment hubs like Wall Street generate over one thousand times more profit on a daily basis, even enormous amount money like these could theoretically be recovered and redistributed at any time.

Immediate Edge uses an algorithm that analyses all the successful financial cryptocurrency operations of the last 5 years.
Based on these operations, the system automatically functions to produce an 80% profit rate.

So what’s the catch? Currently, it is only generating average daily profits between USD$100 and USD$5,000, depending on your fully refundable initial deposit, to boost the first winning transactions.

Immediate Edge is an algorithm designed to take money away from the richest people in the world and redistribute it among the middle-class Ghanian citizens who aren’t familiar with investment strategies and who can’t afford to risk their capital like rich banking investment funds can. This algorithm literally beats the stock market with 80% accuracy, which means it will win 8 trades out of 10. You may wonder what will prevent Wall Street billionaires from using this software and making everyone else even poorer in the process.

The answer is simple: this software is programmed to limit operations to USD$250 per transaction. Wall Street is trading trillions of dollars at a time, so limiting the value of the trades ensures the big banking establishment can’t retaliate against the system because it would be counterproductive for them financially.

This system might cause the Wall Street operators to lose a small portion of their astronomical profits, but this is amazing for ordinary people! At the moment, the software is not yet available to all members of the public, but, as Kojo Antwi has shown us, it already works and generates around USD$100 – USD$5,000 in profit per day per operation account!

Users simply make an initial deposit on the platform, typically USD$250 or more, and the automated investment algorithm goes to work. Using a combination of data and automatic learning, the program knows the perfect moment to buy bitcoins and other crypto-currencies at the lowest price and sell them at the highest, therefore maximizing the profits of the users.

To demonstrate the potential of the platform, Kojo Antwi convinced Gifty Andoh Appiah to deposit USD$250 live on the MultiTV’s Joy News show. Gifty Andoh Appiah expressed her astonishment when she obtained her first profits on Immediate Edge after having just bought bitcoins for the first time.

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